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Licenciado Juan TorruellaYour Local Legal Expert
Torruella Law Firm provides a full suite of legal services; we are your one stop law firm in Puerto Rico. Even though we are a boutique law firm, we service a portfolio of clients not only from Puerto Rico but also from the United States and other countries. Other Puerto Rico law firms have not been able to accomplish such a feat either because of their exorbitant fees or their lack of effective communication skills.

The firm is focused on providing quality legal services at an affordable price and excellent customer service, with the objective of attaining our client’s desired outcome as quickly as possible.

Mr. Torruella prides himself knowing that his law firm maintains excellent ongoing relationships with our clients who have either returned and/or have referred their family, friends, business partners and colleagues to us. Torruella Law Firm distinguishes itself from other law firms by the individualized attention it provides to its clients.


Real Estate – If you are looking to buy or sell a residential or commercial property in Puerto Rico we can help you with the purchase option agreement, due diligence, and other matters.
Sale/Purchase of a Business – Advice and legal services for clients buying or selling a business including due diligence, franchises and lease agreements.

Civil Litigation – Be it of a commercial nature, family matter, personal injury, breach of contract, trademark infringement action, copyright infringement, labor & employment, Law 75 which protects distributors from termination of dealers’ agreements without just cause, Law 21 which protects sales representatives from termination of sales agreements without just cause, creditor lawsuits, litigation in administrative agencies like DACO, etc.

Contracts & Agreements – We draft and provide advice on a range of contracts, including leases, independent contract agreements, service level agreements, employment agreements, non-compete agreements, and many others.

Estate and Probate Matters – Petition for Probate (Declaratoria de Herederos), Letters Testamentary, Estate Tax Returns, etc.

Trademarks and Copyrights – We handle the filling of trademark and copyright applications, respond to office actions, cease and desist letters, etc.

Corporate & Business Associations – Advising corporations on a wide range of issues from mergers and acquisitions, incorporation, human resources issues, liability matters, minimize business risks, business transactions, contract negotiations, intellectual property, bankruptcy, etc.

Bankruptcy – Filling of different types of bankruptcies under the bankruptcy code.

Social Security Disability Benefits

General Legal Advice – If you have a legal matter or need advice we can help you.



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